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A strong social and emotional foundation is the beginning.

Why Character Education?

Watch a compelling video about character development from Let It Ripple Film Studio entitled, The Science of Character.

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CoreLife has created a wide variety of materials for parents, educators, and counselors.

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Why CoreLife?

Nothing is of more importance for the public weal, than to form and train up youth in wisdom and virtue.
-Benjamin Franklin

Teaching children about character nurtures their internal compass for living cooperatively and productively throughout life–at their current age and into their future.

Core Life Attributes:  Respect; Responsibility; Rules; Goals; Volunteer; Empathy; Gratitude; Tolerance; Healthy Living; Moderation; Honesty; Wisdom; Optimist; Perseverance; Courtesy; Survival; Mindfulness; Transformation

What is the Core Life Program?

Drawing on research from the Search Institute’s Developmental Assets® framework, Core Life was created to empower parents, teachers, and youth leaders in multiple settings to help youth succeed in life.  Core Life materials and training are available to help adults who teach children the personal qualities and character attributes that will contribute to their successful navigation in life.  When children learn how to collaborate and cooperate, listen and respond appropriately, and respect the people and world around them, it contributes to improved academic performance and positive behaviors.  In fact, it has demonstrated that it reduces maladaptive student behaviors and improves reading scores among low-level readers. 

The Developmental Assets® are 40 research-based, positive experiences and qualities that empower young people with what they need to succeed.  According to the Search Institute, studies of more than four million young people have consistently shown that the more assets that young people have, the less likely they are to engage in a wide range of high-risk behaviors and the more likely they are to thrive.

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