Core Life Program Advantages

Core Life Program Advantage 

While there are many nationally recognized SEL programs, Core Life is well positioned to be implemented in schools.  Program advantages include: 

  • The parent agency, MHA, has long-standing tenure in the region and is well-respected. This brings name recognition and trust. 
  • The beta test for Core Life program outcomes was positive and ongoing program evaluation is being conducted by Miami University, an easily recognized, credible institution. MHA is committed to quality improvement and will continue to work with Miami University on researching student outcomes specific to social and emotional skills, academic growth, and behavior problems.
  • Core Life program materials are attractive in design and can be used in any environment (e.g., school, library, youth center, faith institution). The artwork symbolizes a “core” vis-à-vis the core of an apple (logo) which also reminds the reader of health. In addition, the concept is symbolic of the inherent value in strengthening one’s social and emotional core.
  • Core Life is designed within a flexible framework that can meet the school “where they are.” Some schools might begin with a grade level or a grade segment; others may decide to implement the program school wide. Even with the selection of a grade or grade(s), the attributes can be introduced in varying ways (e.g., different order, different intensity levels).
  • Core Life implementation is built on a foundation of flexibility. A comprehensive Implementation Manual allows schools to implement the Core Life program with fidelity without requiring educational and support staff to attend an additional training. At the same time, should schools have the financial resources and commitment to the program, MHA is prepared to provide coaching as well as technical assistance and training.
  • Core Life program materials are reasonably priced and can be purchased as needed. While there is a subscription option, it is just that – an option – and there is no annual fee.
  • Purchase of Core Life program materials can be a fun way to engage families and community, and at the same time, show support for MHA as a valued community agency. PTAs, civic organizations, companies, or philanthropic foundations can be encouraged to “buy an attribute” for use in the schools, or to purchase the full package and “adopt a school.”