Using Core Life with Small Groups

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.
Helen Keller

You may be a parent, grandparent, guardian, mentor or other adult who wants to work individually with one students on one or more character attributes.  They should be purchased by age grouping as follows:

  • Kindergarten-2nd Grade:  You can purchase the activity worksheets that include all the 18 topics.  If you want the accompanying lesson plan, you must purchase the teaching guide.
  • 3-4th Grade:  You can purchase any of the products identified within each topic for any of the topics.  For example, you may just want to work on four or five of them.  It is okay to purchase any or all of the 18 attributes.
  • 5-6th Grade:  Feathers Across Time is the book to use for this age group.  There is also an accompanying teacher’s guide that can be purchased.  It might be helpful for you (the adult) to read When Time Warps which corresponds to Feathers Across Time.