Kindergarten Materials


Teaching Guide  includes  instructions for the teacher with suggested videos, books, a step-by-step lesson plan, a flyer to send home to parents, and evaluation instruments to measure student progress.  Order one for each teacher.

Student Activity Booklets contain an activity sheet for each of the 18 Core Life attributes.  Order one packet for each of the students you plan to teach.

In addition to the images at the left, a sample lesson plan is provided for you to preview.


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There is no better time to start teaching core life attributes than in preschool and kindergarten.  These products were created by K-2 teachers at Lincoln Elementary School in Dayton, Kentucky. The  attributes are:  Respect; Responsibility; Rules; Goals; Volunteer; Empathy; Gratitude; Tolerance; Healthy Living; Moderation; Honesty; Wisdom; Optimist; Perseverance; Courtesy; Survival; Mindfulness; Transformation.