Mindfulness Packet


This packet is helpful in deciding which topics to use.  It will include all products related to each of the 18 attributes.  The packet includes:  1 student activity booklet,  1 lesson plan, 1 poster, and 1 parent guide as described below and pictured. Purchase one packet for use with one student or as a preview packet for your school.  Once you decide to implement, order sufficient quantities of the student leaflet for each student and the parent guide for each parent/guardian.

Student: The booklet titled Mindfulness should be used after the lesson on survival.  After students learn about their body’s stress response and the importance of calming down, the booklet “Mindfulness” teaches them a valuable stress management technique.  Using vibrant images, this booklet includes lessons from famous teachers about how to use your mind effectively.  It includes activities for the child to complete.   The student booklet is four pages printed on card stock.

Teacher:  This lesson plan is suitable for classroom use in schools, camps, youth groups, and in faith-based institutions.  Teachers can be school teachers, counselors, youth leaders, parents, or other adults interested in teaching children important character attributes.

Parents:  Parent guides are used in several ways.  In the classroom, teachers send home the guides when the class begins the “Mindfulness” lesson.  Parents are encouraged to implement some activities at home to reinforce the concept of growth mindset.

Poster: For display

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