Second Grade Teacher’s Guide


Teacher’s Guide:  These lesson plans cover the 18 attributes and were created by K-2 teachers at Lincoln Elementary School in Dayton, Kentucky.  Each attribute  has instructions for the teacher including suggested videos, books, a step-by-step lesson plan, a flyer to send home to parents, and student activity sheets. Evaluation instruments to measure student progress is also provided for use with students, parents, and teachers.

This guide provides teachers with lesson plans appropriate for kindergarten students for each of the following attributes:  Respect; Responsibility; Rules; Goals; Volunteer; Empathy; Gratitude; Tolerance; Healthy Living; Moderation; Honesty; Wisdom; Optimist; Perseverance; Courtesy; Survival; Mindfulness; Transformation

You will need one teaching guide for each teacher teaching the lessons (one per classroom).



Parent Guides: