Who We Are

Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio, located in Covington, KY, provides a range of services to assist individuals and families who need unbiased information about mental health and the services available to you.  For more information on the services offered through Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio, visit:  https://www.mhankyswoh.org/

The national Mental Health America office has identified a key priority as “prevention for all” with the working strategies: 

  • Strengthening families by teaching effective parenting skills; improving communication; and helping families deal with potential problems. 
  • Strengthening individuals by building resilience and skills and improving cognitive processes and behaviors. 
  • Promoting mental health in schools by offering support to children encountering serious stresses; modifying the school environment to promote socially adaptive behavior; developing students’ skills at decision making, self-awareness, and conducting relationships; and coping with potential violence, aggressive behavior, and substance use. 
  • Promoting mental health (in) … community programs by promoting and supporting socially adaptive behavior, teaching coping skills, and targeting modifiable life-style factors that can affect behavior and emotional health.

Consistent with these national priorities, education is a key focus of Mental Health America of Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio.  In 2014, a program called Core Life was developed to offer products and training for those working with elementary-age children.  To contact the coordinator of the Core Life Program, submit the form below.